My Vision

Cronic illness support



Corie Rebecca


inergyflo is a creative and motivational empowerment group that provides workshops for women who have endured any type of life experience and now find themselves struggling to manage the stresses of everyday life.


inergyflo focuses on creative self-expression solutions, in a comfortable atmosphere where women come together in a positive environment, to share their experiences and receive motivation while discovering their inner beauty thru various artistic modalities.


As a trauma survivor who has consistently practiced various types of creative art therapies, and is now passionate on instructing others on how they can express themselves similarly, while managing their anxiety and stress and  improving their self-esteem and awareness.


inergyflo is also committed to helping women discover the joys and fulfillment in various styles of creative outlets, in highly motivational settings.


inergyflo advocates for all women, especially those in need of support during their individual recovery processes, through the exploration of a wide variety of artistic instruction such as;  painting, journaling, theatrical role play, musical exercise, expressive dance movement, crafting, exercise and meditation.

inergyflo believes that personal creativity plays an integral role in the

process of healthy and natural growth and inner peace.